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Generate Leads - for your business Build Connection - With your Customers  Check Health Status - with your customers & employees We provide - Customized solution in 5 min

Unleash the power of conversational AI, powered by "data driven" insights to make accurate business decision & exceptional customer experience

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Know health status in 5 min

The health status of individuals is crucial for successful job performance in the modern world. Our service enables the provision of health status within a mere 5 minutes.

Health status providers are relying on conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to serve patients 24/7 which is a game-changer for the industry. Chatbots for health status can provide accurate information and a better experience for patients.

On the other hand, bots help health status providers to reduce their caseloads, which is why health status chatbot use cases increase day by day

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Create a chatbot to connect with your website visitors. The bot will show up as a chat gadget on your website pages where a guest can start a conversation. The bot can helps with qualifying leads, book meetings, or make support tickets by sending a series and automated responses.



Start promoting the chatbot by publishing posts, stories, and ads about it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Viber, Youtube and some other relevant platform, and some educational and viral events like online among the customers the best name of the chatbot to create an avatar



The Chatbot report is one of the many available reports in Lead Gen and CRM that shows when and how clients collaborate with your chatbots, while giving an initially perspective on all the site visitor communications with chatbots, as well as the contacts and revenue they generate.

Data Security

How It works

The first step is to create your survey bot. Draft the inquiries you want to pose and arrange the progression of the discussion. Include multimedia components like images, audio, video, emojis to make the bot lively and human-like. Engage in with your clients, build a rapport, gather valuable feedback from them using survey bots.

We'll respond to this inquiry by taking a look at what Chatbots are, their role in business, the main threats to their security, and what measures you can set up to minimize risk to both your business and your customers’ data.