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We are hiring talents—the right time to show your skills.

Our profound presence and skills set us apart from other agencies in the Indian subcontinent, USA, and Dubai. You get a learning and innovative environment boosting your productivity and self-growth.


Peaceful Environment

At Connivia Tech, sustaining an employee's peace of mind is a must. We offer a peaceful environment to learn, work and teach to co-workers..


Private Healthcare

Connivia Tech makes sure that the Connivia family always stays safe and healthy. We always take care of our employees, not just physical but mental health too.


Internal Workshops

We often arrange internal workshops relating to various firms, including a technical expert lecture to employee’s personal growth seminars.


Community Meetups

Connivia Tech is a globally recognized company, freshers often get a chance to meet and network with field leaders through community meetups.


Books & paid content

The company offers several learning resources for freshers and trainees to learn from, that includes books to a paid e-learning platform subscription for the personal use.


Competitive Salaries

We are Connivia Tech admires natural talents. Everyone at Connivia Tech gets a decent part of their salary. We seek skills, so there's no bar for the right candidate.


Awesome Co-Workers

Everyone at Connivia Tech believes in Grow Together mentality. Though, everyone maintains a cordial relationship with colleagues to learn and grow together.


Frequent Team Events

we Connivia Tech often celebrate the festivals and special days with special events. Working is always fun at Connivia Tech, as we all believe in learning with enjoying..

Process of Interview

To be the best, you need to prove yourself best.


HR Interview

First, our HR will connect with you in no time for an HR Interview round. Later on, our HR will schedule your interview with one of our experts at Connivia Tech for personal interview.


Personal Interview

Our expert will measure your skills and knowledge in the current field. Your passion and interest in the work will be the main factor during the personal interview.


Practical Round

To measure your practical prowess, a practical round will be settled during the interview. Once the process is finished, HR will inform you about the results of the interview process.