How Android App Benefits The Business?

It is important for you to understand that, the channel through which your consumers might connect for your products or services, your business tends to offer should be simple and open.  Keeping a balance is quite important here, if people require a high end device to use your services, it will be extremely troublesome for you to accomplish your desired business goals.

In this article you’ll come to know how Android app benefits the business.

  1. Android users are continuously increasing. On a business perspective, launching a business app only on iOS and not on Android wouldn’t help your business to achieve the desired sales target. More importantly, only 15 out of 100 people are iPhone users and only 25 out of 100 are iPad users.  Even after this, if you believe on only making an iOS app, then you are about to miss out on 85% of customers that are coming via other smart phones and the other 75 customers that prefer using other tablets.

It is true that different geographically located users prefer to use specific smart phone or operating system. If your targeted audience is from USA then you should also focus to develop iPhone mobile application. If you are targeting the world and your target audience is from all the countries then you should prefer android app development.

  1. The reason why many businesses around the world choose Android application is because it is open source.  There are no extra costs like paying for licensing or royalty, and still without doing all these things, you get full access to the mobile OS. The whole software suite runs smoothly and efficiently on Android devices as the software is very well optimized by Google.
  1. It is good to have a mobile application for your business. People want to use smart mobile phones to fulfill their general needs because mobile phones are handy and do not consume the time. The benefits of mobile phones are like users can immediate buy products online, compare one product with another product, find a specific place using Google Maps, and find instant solutions, gets knowledge and more. There is a great amount of end users of the Android operating system in the world. Benefits of Android applications are like people can easily communicate and share data such as images, videos, and documents with one Android user to another android user. There are many Android mobile applications available in the market to fulfill specific requirements which provide an option to choose an appropriate Android mobile application.
  1. In today’s competitive era, it is important that your business should have an amazing mobile application. If you want to expand your business and willing to increase revenue and sales, then mobile application is mandatory for your business. Now maximum people are using smart mobile phones and accomplishing their requirements through mobile phones. While the huge amount of Android users from the world which can be the great benefit of having a unique and different Android application.

    Pave the way for a convenient shopping portal to your users through the Android application to make their shopping task very easy and straightforward. There is a greater chance to increase sales by offering smooth mobile shopping experience to your customer.

  1. These days many manufacturers use Android as the operating system for their devices because of Android OS popularity. Besides, there are several mobile app stores from where customers can purchase and download Android apps for their Android devices.

Google Play Store where the app available to download within a few hours, compared to a few weeks for Apple’s App Store. Your app or game can be updated multiple times a day on the Google Play Store. Another excellent feature of the Play Store is the app can make available only for testers or a subset of users to polish your mobile app. There are many other app stores to make available your Android mobile application such as Amazon App Store and Aptoide which can help to expand your business.

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