About Us

Helping nature, good communicating and technically sound employees. We are not a just team, but more than friends and we work together to develop better output.

What is 'Connivia Tech Solutions'?

This is an era of knowledge explosion, which is theoretically and practically dominated and shaped by Information Technology. The quest of knowledge is unending and it goes back to the elementary level of questioning attitude. For asking question is a best way of learning. We struggle and aim at putting the whole idea into a technical framework symbolically entitled as Connivia Tech. For ‘Sky’ is the limit and ‘Q’ is the source of inspiration – may be a customer and developer.

What we do

Effective Web development solution is the key to making your business more competitive and successful!

We Start with Discussion

Here we understand the overall business of the client, the objectives, the strategies and the target audience. We analyze the requirements of the client and come up with path breaking ideas and solution. We also make a thorough need analysis of the technology required.

Here We decide a Strategy.

The Decision phase is where we start to dovetail the work we are doing with the technical aspects of the project. We’ll be looking at content order, site map, key user paths and wireframes, and then start tying these in - where applicable - with the user stories being created for the technical delivery.

Design of The design

The first part of the design process is to gain a solid understanding of the background of the project. We’ll start with a discovery workshop and client survey learning about your business, your competitors, your future plans, and if it’s a new business or product and you’re happy to share it, to review your business plan. All these things mean when we start to define how we approach the design, that we have a real understanding of the background.

User Experience

Our design process is about so much more than just creating pretty pictures. It’s about understanding and then delivering to requirements: both those of the business, and of the end-customer. Our thorough, proven design methodology helps shape projects, and creates brilliant results. Take a look at some of our work here – we love to share what we've been up to.

The Process of Development

We approach programming in stages or iterations. Each stage sets the pace for the subsequent iteration while helping us to more carefully plan further work.

The storyboard is displayed on a corkboard to help our manager to monitor development progress. This simple process organization is a key to successful results.

We constantly assess our development pace by summing up the number of completed tasks within each iteration. We compose a list of tasks for the next iteration according to this new data. Once we have the results of the iteration analysis, we fine-tune and improve our performance for the next iteration.

Your Project will get reviewed.

During this stage, we work closely with your team to ensure that the implementation is done smoothly. Integration with your system with its existing legacy is ensured. We believe this is the real beginning of our relationship with our clients. We know that being the first on the Net is not as important as delivering value consistently to our clients, customers.

We Deliver your project

On final approval of designs, instructions will be added for any interactive elements and then handed over to the developers to enable build to start. They'll have everything they need to assure that what they produce will match the designs created, and to deliver a fantastic build.

The people behind the magic

Our People are our Greatest Asset & Biggest Differentiator.

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Our office

Very friendly atmosphere, encouraging environment and enthusiastic to work.

Why you should work with Connivia Tech

We think you’re unique

Every client or person is unique for us, in many regards to us.

We like to share

Our free and social motivated web tools and websites.

Pixels friendly

Very good knowledge and pixel by pixel mapping of each page.

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